Shocking semis

Haha...all of my prediction went wrong...except for spain...russia and turkey qualify magically...favourites portugal and netherlands stumble only in the quater final.... sob sob sob...sedih siot...

My new prediction based on the quater final matches:

1. Russia - After defeated the mighty oranje...nothing can stop them if they are to display same quality as the shown against netherlands
2. Germany - the awakening of ballack, schweinteiger, podolski and klose make them more stronger than the group phase
3. Spain - Good quality in all department...but always fail to deliver when it comes to an important matches
4. Turkey - Good spirit...but will have to face the super ballack's team with a numbers of key player being absent due to injury and suspension

So, let us see who will go to the final stage
Semi final 1
Germany vs Turkey

Semi Final 2
Russia vs Spain


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